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Show 45: Ebola with Dr. Gil Mobley

biohazard-symbol-30106_640This week on Ready Radio join your hosts Doug and Erin as they welcome guest Dr. Gil Mobley.  Dr. Mobley has received national attention in his crusade to safeguard human life.  Dr. Mobley came into the media spotlight recently when he wore personal protective equipment (PPE) into the worlds busiest airport proclaiming that the CDC is lying about Ebola.  Learn how you can stop Ebola in it’s tracks.  All this and more this week on Ready Radio.

TruPrep Product of the Week:  PPE Gear and respirators

Show 40: Author of 299 Days – Glen Tate Discusses His Series

the_prepThis week on Ready Radio join pencil guest Glen Tate, author of the 299 days series of books.  Glen discusses how he wrote the books to introduce his family to the idea of prepping and how writing this series helped change his life.  All this and more this week on Ready Radio!

TruPrep Product of the Week: 299 days books


Show 39: Allergies and Allergic Reactions

This week on the New Ready Radio, your hosts Doug and Erin discuss allergic reactions.  The pesty symptoms of hay feaver take on a new dimension where there is no pharmacy.  Learn about natural and herbal remedies as well as severe cases such as anaphalxis and how you can be ready for anything that comes your way.  All this and more this week on Ready Radio.

Show 38: Earthquakes

This week on Ready Radio, Doug and special guest host Erin discuss the San Francisco earthquake of August 24th,2014 as well as the Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami that lead to the Fukushima Daiichi reactor meltdown and the 1964 great Alaskan Earthquake. Learn why most of  the deaths in earthquakes occur, and how to safeguard your home! All this and more this week on ready radio.

TruPrep Product of the week:  Waterbricks


Show 37: Martial Law

Flickr_-_власть_страсти_-_Martial_law_in_Egypt-CairoThis week on Ready Radio, your hosts discuss the realities of martial law. The aftermath of the Ferguson riots have raised a lot of concerns about major civil disturbances. What if a massive food riot or race riot breaks out near you? What if civil disobedience or looting cannot be quelled by local authorities? What about when curfews are enforced? A sobering topic that is eerily timely, all this and more this week on Ready Radio!

TruPrep Product of the week: New varieties of mountain house

Show 36: How to Prepare for Riots


This week on Ready Radio Doug and Amy discuss the Ferguson riots and the implication of long term civil unrest.  Learn about the psychology of a riot the nature of a criminal mind and group think as well as steps you can take to help harden your home and the greatest danger in a looting.
A heartfelt and poignant discussion concerning the tragedy burning in Missouri.
TruPrep Product of the week: Exotac fire starters.

Show 35: Ready for Back to School

This week on Ready Radio Doug and Amy each have unique perspective on the school system; Amy with her highschoolers and Doug with his preschoolers. Listen in as they discuss private school vs public school and what the kids are being taught. Also what to do to be prepared in case of a school emergency.
Make a get-home bag for your high school student to keep in his locker:

    • Lightweight backpack
    • Printed walking directions (from Mapquest)
    • Water bottle and Berkey Sport water bottle
    • Datrex bars
    • Rain gear
    • toilet paper
    • 2 way radio (in case cell phone service is out)

Be sure to keep this bag small and light weight. Talk to your teen about when it would be necessary to grab their bag and go (only in severe situations).   Have them leave all of their school prep items at school in their locker.

TruPrep Product of the week:
Berkey Sport Bottle and Datrex bars for in-locker get home bags

Show 28: Guns and Self Defense with GeorgiaCarry.Org

Ga_carry_logo-1This week on ready radio Doug and Amy talk politics with prepper and Executive Director Jerry Henry of The mindset of being ready starts today and learning how to safely and effectively protect yourself and your family is an essential element. Learn how has help advance individual liberty and expand the rights of Georgians. Mr. Henry talks about the founding of the organization and the fundamentals of effective political activism. All this and more this week on Ready Radio with Doug and Amy!

Show 26: All You Need Is Love

heartThis week on Ready Radio, Doug and Amy discuss family values. We live in a time where the family is constantly under attack, and wholesome family values are undermined. Doug and Amy discuss ways that society and the government undermine the traditional role of the family as well as steps that can be taken to strengthen the core unit of civilization. Being prepared is about more than just a cache of supplies, it’s about protecting our loved ones and learning to love is the basis of prepping. All this and more this week on Ready Radio.


Show 25: Itty Bitty Houses

“It was an itsy-bitsy-tinni-winni yellow polka dot Micro House that Doug wanted nothing to do with” 

This week on ReadyRadio Doug and Amy battle out their difference views about Micro houses. Listen in as they argue their case about the pros and cons of tiny living. Will Doug come out the victor due to his practice as an attorney or will Amy hold tight to her views and persuade him to see things her way? Great points are mixed in with fun loving jabs, all this and more on ReadyRadio.

 Product of the week: Volcano stove