Show 6: Kids, Guns, and Safety

This week on Ready Radio Doug and Amy talk about getting kids ready regarding firearms. Special Guest Matthew Podowitz gives tips on how to talk to your kids about guns (Even if you don’t own any) and we all learn about new and upcoming learning at Truprep. A serious topic that will challenge and encourage every person who knows a child, all this and more this week on Ready Radio!

 Guest bio: Matt Podowitz

  • MHPPicCurrently lives in Atlanta, Georgia – has lived previously in Chicago, New York, London England, Amsterdam Netherlands, Prague Czech Republic, Budapest Hungary, Moscow Russia, and Kiev Ukraine
  • Husband and father of a six year old boy
  • NRA Certified Firearms Safety Instructor
  • GeorgiaCarry.Org Certified Firearms Safety Instructor
  • Certified Refuse To Be A Victim® Instructor
  • Crime prevention and firearms safety blogger – “No Victims”,
  • Volunteer crime prevention and firearms safety instructor

Relevant Links

Why and How to Talk With Your Children About Guns (Even If You Don’t Own Guns)
A brief article that discusses key issues and talking points for three age groups (Kindergarten to Third Grade, Fourth Grade to Sixth Grade, and Seventh Grade and Above regarding guns and the risks they can pose to safety if mishandled.

Eddie Eagle Gunsafe
“Stop. Don’t touch. Leave the area. Tell an adult.”  This is lifesaving guidance for young children (K-3rd grade) should they ever encounter a firearm outside of adult supervision.  This program consists of a video, age-appropriate workbooks, games, activities, and parent and teacher guides. The materials are produced and distributed by the sponsoring organization at cost (Less than $3 for the parent/teacher guides, less than $1 for the student workbooks. The associated video is available for free online –

Staying Safe Around Guns –
Two videos, one for middle school students and another for high school students, that present age-appropriate messages and guidance about steps children can take to avoid being injured or causing injury if they encounter firearms outside of adult supervision, and steps they can take to protect themselves and their peers from potential gun violence. The videos are free to download or view online.

Speak Up Campaign
A national campaign encouraging students to report potential perpetrators of gun or other violence and providing a means to do so anonymously. The campaign includes discussion guides for parents and display materials for use in schools and houses of worship. There is no cost to download or use the materials.

Asking Saves Kids Program
A national campaign encouraging parents to ask whether homes where their children play contain firearms and providing tips on how to ensure their children’s safety if there are. The program includes discussion guides and other supporting materials. There is no cost to download or use the materials.

Project Childsafe
A national program that provides parents with safe firearms storage tips, provides talking points and supporting materials to help parents discuss firearms safety with their children, and distributes gun locks free of charge through local police departments (DeKalb County Police Department is a program partner in Metro Atlanta). The program also includes a contract between parent and child to not handle firearms outside of responsible adult supervision. There is no charge to download or use any of the program materials.