Ready Radio is Born!

Thank you so much for visiting us!   Whether you heard us on the radio or were referred to us by our sponsor, we greatly appreciate your patronage!  Without your support, we wouldn’t be able to do what we do!  By now, you may realize that we are a radio program and podcast with a focus on Emergency Preparedness!  Our goal is to educate the public on emergency preparedness through  knowledge, product reviews, current events, and other great information!

Our approach to emergency preparedness is that it applies to everyone!  Emergency Preparedness is not about a bunker mentality.  You don’t have to live every day of your life in fear that something bad may happen.  In fact, it is just the opposite!  Emergency Preparedness is about taking charge of your future and living life worry-free, knowing that you are prepared for what tomorrow may bring!

Want to listen to our show?  We have several ways to listen in!  We air our broadcast on Thursdays at noon Eastern every week!  If you are local to Atlanta, you can listen to us live at 1160 on the AM dial.  If you are not near a radio or are not local, you can listen to us live on the newtalk 1160 website!  If you miss our broadcast, you can pick up our past shows on our Show Page!  Tune in and check out our inaugural show on Halloween, October 31 at noon!