Show 35: Ready for Back to School

This week on Ready Radio Doug and Amy each have unique perspective on the school system; Amy with her highschoolers and Doug with his preschoolers. Listen in as they discuss private school vs public school and what the kids are being taught. Also what to do to be prepared in case of a school emergency.
Make a get-home bag for your high school student to keep in his locker:

    • Lightweight backpack
    • Printed walking directions (from Mapquest)
    • Water bottle and Berkey Sport water bottle
    • Datrex bars
    • Rain gear
    • toilet paper
    • 2 way radio (in case cell phone service is out)

Be sure to keep this bag small and light weight. Talk to your teen about when it would be necessary to grab their bag and go (only in severe situations).   Have them leave all of their school prep items at school in their locker.

TruPrep Product of the week:
Berkey Sport Bottle and Datrex bars for in-locker get home bags