Show 4: Storm Shelters, Safe Rooms, and Security Bunkers

RefugeSD72This week on ready radio it’s all about bunkers! Amy emphasizes no means no as Doug plans building a doomsday hobit hole to retire in. With a special guest from protective shelters, you’ll learn about all the options from storm shelters to palatial congressional bug out locations. We also discuss para-cord as the Truprep product of the week. All this and more this week on ready radio. Special Guest:  Shelley Hill with Protective Structures

For more information on Protective Structure and the many offerings they have available, see  (Mention “TruPrep” for $100 off installation of any shelter!)

TruPrep Product of the Week:  Paracord – With over 138 colors of paracord, TruPrep has a color for every personality!